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The Team Arrives

October 28, 2009

They’re here. Well, most everyone. The Winners arrived safely. Tired but with energy to get started. As with any large tour, especially one traveling to a country like India, something is bound to go not as planned. Well, David Hircock, an experienced India and world traveler already in country doing work, missed his train. Minor snafu, but it won’t stop us. Our motto-always have an alternative! So we carry on without him and look forward to seeing him tonight.

The team arrived late last night, greeted by a spritz or two of All Sensitive Toner and an Aveda reusable tote (100% recycled cotton and plastic bottles) filled with goodies, including a Clif Bar, Aveda Blue Oil (needed after a long trip) and offsets by NativeEnergy. These are really cool. All the participants CO2 emissions from flights to and from India, as well as in country travel are being offset by NativeEnergy and will support a new wind farm in Greensburg Kansas, which was destroyed by an F5 tornado. They are rebuilding green, wanting to be as they say, “the greenest town in America”. Groovy!

Back to India.  After a good night sleep we are looking forward to visitng the Mukti Asharam where we will meet children that have been rescued from slave labor in mica mines – this was arranged by David and is a good example of the type of work he supports on Aveda’s behalf.  This is the day that Kirk from San Diego is most looking forward to. So we will update you later with more details from the team. Namaste.