Journey into the Himalayas

It was an early morning start for a long day of travel. The Delhi train station wasn’t as daunting as we thought it would be – but it certainly was an eye opener. Jet lag seemed to really set in for many of us today, but in spite of our fatigue, we were all transfixed looking out the train windows on the journey north into the foothills of the Himalayas. We saw beautiful landscapes and passed through many small villages along the way seeing quite a spectrum of sights. There were rural areas with people working in the fields and gathering plant materials contrasted by villages with trash piled along the railroad tracks and people bathing in dirty puddles of water. We also saw an endless array of animals including donkeys, horses, goats, dogs (and surprisingly dogs wearing sweaters!), peacocks, monkeys, and pigs.

After a six hour train ride we arrived at the Haridwar train station in the foothills of the Himalayas, which was truly the India we imagined.

Haridwar Train Station

Haridwar Train Station

When our bus passed over the sacred Ganges River and we caught sight of the giant Lord Shiva statue, it was clear we were a long way from home.

Lord Shiva Statue

Lord Shiva Statue on the Ganges

After a long hairpin drive up the mountain, we were greeted at Ananda with a warm welcome from the staff and lovely ginger tea.

Greeting at Ananda

Traditional Greeting at Ananda

Prior to settling into dinner we had a wonderful Dosha education and meditation session with Marc Zollicoffer. An original poem by Kirk beautifully summed up the day for the team and we’re happy to be able to share part of it with you here. Enjoy.

“And the night winds gather together dancing and bending. Worry matters not in this sacred place. My load is lighter with Mother Earth providing a hiding place for all cares and problems to disappear. Five senses working together for one united cause. Fifteen people working together to achieve beautiful things. One company at the wheel giving back the most precious things we all possess.”

Peacocks roam free at Ananda

Peacocks roam free at Ananda


2 Responses to “Journey into the Himalayas”

  1. Randerson Says:

    Hi Em, I hope your having a great time..Everyone back home misses you and thinks about you all the time..I cant wait to hear about all your adventures..Talk to you soon..Crazy chicken!!!

  2. Evan M. Says:

    I am truly inspired and in awe of the trip and the impact you are having/will have on those you meet in India. I hope the jetlag subsides soon so that everyone can enjoy the majestic Himalayan foothills.

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